I am a writer. …

12 Oct

Who is Connie May Fowler and Why Does She have So Many Names?

I am a writer. Novels, memoirs, essays, short stories, poems, screenplays: They pool in my blood, haunt my waking and sleeping hours, inform my moods, force me into long periods of isolation, and prompt me to avoid phone calls, e-mails, exercise, showers, and housework.

You can find out about my books and other projects at conniemayfowler.com.

Also, I teach writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. It’s a great gig. VCFA folks understand that life without art is life half-lived. I direct their VCFA Novel Retreat which takes place every May. Vermont in the springtime is lovely. You should join us.

I direct the St. Augustine Writers Conference. It’s a wonderful gathering of writers: poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers. We offer workshops, panel discussions, readings, and other amazing writerly things. We are a full-immersion, vibrant writing community and you should probably become a part of us.

Some people call me an activist. I think I’m simply exercising good citizenship.

About those names . . . I am also known as Coco, Connie, Connie May, Mrs. Hinson, CMF, CM, Connie May May, Constance Oneida, Constance Anita, C-sizzle, C, and Oneida Monita Lenore May Rose. It’s a heavy burden, this preponderance of names. “Fowler” is a holdover from another life. My publisher, for sound reasons, won’t let me drop it. But you can. Image


One Response to “I am a writer. …”

  1. Tricia Collins October 12, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    Dear A-Rose-by Any-Other,
    Delighted to follow you and your blog.
    Xo, Tricia

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